Spitting Images New Holiday Hours

Retail Hours From December 9, 2015 through Christmas 2015 are Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm and by appointment only during the week.

dreamstime_m_34402787We have been so overwhelmed with new orders that we’ve had to hire additional hands to help us get them all done, invest in new equipment that will help us process orders faster and replace other equipment that couldn’t keep up!

As a result we’ve run out of space in the basement to manage all of our production, so during the week (Monday through Friday), we will be utilizing the retail space for production as well, and transitioning to ‘by appointment only’ on those days, while keeping regular retail hours from 10am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday through December 20, 2015.

Our goal is to have every order in our hands currently completed in the next five days or so (and earlier if already promised!), with all new orders being ready in five days or less.

We are still really happy to help and certainly welcome you to call ahead if you’d like us to set aside some time during the week to help, or continue to pop in at your convenience, on Saturday or Sunday!

If your order is for Christmas, it is really important that you place it before December 21, 2015 so we can guarantee we can get it to you in time!

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