Digital Painting

Most of our digital paintings are created by Anita Robertson. She is a graphics professional turned digital painter. Read more about Anita here.

We start with your photo or multiple photos for reference. We’ll have a conversation with you to determine your ideas and desires for the piece you are comissioning. We’ll discuss your inspirations and artistic tastes to establish our creative direction.

All digital paintings are created by hand using a Wacom graphics tablet and with industry leading digital painting software.

There are no indiscriminate Photoshop filters being used to simulate a painted effect.

Click here to order a digital painting.

To fully authenticate your digital painting, we offer hand painted clear acrylic gel, which we apply to the print over the digital brushstrokes. This creates a truly textured brushstroke on your print that you can feel.

All digital paintings are created at extremely high definition quality, ensuring your prints are sharp with fine detail when printed on paper, canvas or viewed on-screen.

We absolutely recommend printing digital paintings on canvas. There is no other medium so suited to this art form – no other art form more suited to this medium. Many people are unable to tell the difference between our prints and a painting made with acrylic or oil paint on canvas.

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