Save $180 on Corel Painter 12

Save on full and upgrade versions of Corel Painter

We use Corel Painter to create digital paintings from your photographs. If you like the look of digital paintings and want to experiment in creating your own, we’ve been notified of a special offer from Corel.

Save $180 on Corel Painter 12 Full version – only $249 or Save $80 on the Upgrade version – only $149 + receive a Free subscription to Paintbox TV

This is great discount off of a full version or upgrade licence of the software package. If you’re curious about getting into digital paintings, we encourage you to take advantage of this offer, as it’s only available until the end of the month. Oh and if you don’t have a Wacom graphics tablet, Corel has packages of the software that’s bundled with one.

Undeniably, canvas prints are the best option for printing digital paintings. We can add a hand-painted brushstroke finish on it to enhance the digital brushstrokes. Contact us for more information or to order today.

Corel Painter 12

Corel® Painter™ 12 combines the industry’s most advanced and realistic digital painting and illustration tools, making it the world’s most powerful art studio. With unprecedented speed and a highly customizable interface, Corel Painter 12 gives artists and photographers’ power and creative freedom beyond anything previously possible with either traditional or digital art tools. Internationally recognized for its RealBristle™ Painting system, Painter lets you control brush behavior, pressure and color intensity more realistically when paired with a graphics tablet. Plus, its line-up of “Real” digital art tools mimic the look and feel of their traditional counterparts with the greatest authenticity.

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