Recent Work: Spitting Images Canvas Studio Business Cards

Recent Work - Spitting Images Canvas Studio Business Cards

We were very excited to have our new business cards delivered today, and we think they look great.

Since opening the Canvas Studio in Bobcaygeon, we’ve been working on designing a new business card. It needed to reflect not only the new space and evolving visual identity, but it needed to showcase our design and printing capabilities at the same time. There are many fancy printing techniques to choose from, but we wanted to create a business card that could be immediately recognized as a premium card, but did so subtlety and with class.

New Spitting Images Canvas Studio Business Cards

We chose a 16pt silk card stock for it’s luxurious finish and above standard weight. We wanted to stand out from thinner card stocks, but not go overboard with it. The silk stock feels great in your hand and because it’s so smooth, it really holds the colours and definition of the high quality printing. We also added a spot gloss laminate on both front and back which is laid over a light halftone pattern in the design. On the front, we placed it where your thumb would typically hold on to the card when looking at it. The spot gloss adds a bit of grip to the smooth silk card stock.

Overall, we are thrilled with the results. Spitting Images can design and print your business cards as well. If you would like to know more or schedule a consultation with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Client: Spitting Images Canvas Studio
Designer: Kevin Foster
Specs: 16pt Silk card stock. 4/4 Offset printed. Spot Gloss Laminate
Designed with: Adobe Illustrator CS6
Typefaces: Gotham Black, Adobe Garamond Pro Bold Italic.

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