Recent Work: Rolling Hills Photography Visual Identity

Recent Work: Rolling Hills Photo Visual Identity

We’ve been wanting to show off these designs for a while, but it’s only now that all the elements have come together that it makes it possible to show it all off. We’ve been working with Barbara Callander on the Visual Identity of her new photographic business, Rolling Hills Photography.

First we designed the logo. Many concepts were suggested, but in the end this is what was decided on:

Rolling HIlls Photo Logo

The logo incorporates a stylized lens inspired by Nikon optics. The wordmark in the reflection of the lens is set in a classic typeface; Adobe Devanagari. Illustrated hills cap the wordmark and bring it all together in the eye of the camera.

Once the logo was established, we set to work on the business cards. In developing the cards and the logo, we established the overall look and feel that we wanted to achieve with the brand. We used a combination of photography, illustration and 3D models to complete the look.

The cards were printed on a favorite of ours: 16 point silk laminated card stock, with spot gloss varnish applied to both sides.

Rolling Hills Photography Business Cards

Now that we had the logo and the general visual style defined, we set to work on the website. Yes, website. Spitting Images is designing websites in a limited capacity. We’re focusing on customized, responsive WordPress blogging themes and quaint, well designed html sites. We’ll be expanding our web and mobile design and development services as we grow into this new role.

The website for Rolling Hills Photography is a WordPress installation with a customized theme. Web design is a work in progress. We’ll be tweaking the design and adding functionality soon. The beauty of using WordPress is the ability to add functionality and features to the website in the form of simple plug-ins.

Rolling Hills Photo website

Take a look – the site just went live today. Let us know what you think and be sure to leave a comment if you like Barbs work.

Client: Rolling Hills Photography
Designer: Kevin Foster
LOGO designed with: Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Creative Cloud

Business Cards: 16pt Silk Laminated card stock. 5/5 offset printed (4/4 full colour with spot gloss, both sides)
Designed with: Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Creative Cloud
Typefaces: Adobe Devanagari, Helvetica Neue, various weights

Website: Based on a WordPress installation. Uses a modified version of Brutal Design’s ‘Noisy’ Theme. 

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