Recent Work: 3-Sided Business Cards

Spitting Images 3-Sided Business Cards

Most business cards serve one main purpose: exchanging contact information. We took this one step further with our new business cards.

In redesigning Spitting Images cards, this basic purpose was the main motivation behind the new creative. We wanted a card that wasn’t too far off visually from our previous design. We also wanted the information to be clear and quickly accessible. We moved the prominent contact information to the front of the card –  the name, phone number, email and our 2 most popular social channels: twitter and facebook are now front and centre.

On the back of the card we included the physical street address as well as our web address. Sitting right beside this info is a QR code. Scanning the code with an equipped smartphone will take visitors to a special mobile mini-site we developed just for the business card. It’s an optimized HTML based site that allows visitors to download a vCard of both Lara and myself. vCards are little files that contain contact information. They’re a standard format that is used by PC’s, Macs, BlackBerrys and Androids. We even included a silhouette portrait image in the vCard so it’s easy to spot in your phone address book. The mini-site also contains direct links to the twitter and facebook landing pages.

Spitting Images QR Code Business Card

All the design, QR and web development was done in-house using Adobe CS6 software. If you like this concept and want to adapt it to your business, please get in touch. Integrating this type of technology into your business cards and website might be easier than you think.

Client: Spitting Images Canvas Studio

Business Card
Designer: Kevin Foster
Specs: 14pt 100% recycled stock, 4/4 offset printed
Designed with: Adobe Illustrator CS6
Typefaces: Gotham Black, Adobe Garamond Pro Bold Italic.

Designer/Developer: Kevin Foster
Programming Language: HTML, CSS, Java
Designed/Developed with: Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Muse

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