Fine Art Prints

We carry luxurious fine art paper. It’s difficult to imagine the characteristics of a paper without being able to see and feel it. We hope our descriptions help.

Premium Matte Paper – 210 gsm

This Canon stock is a clean, bright and smooth matte paper with a soft feel. It carries a 210gsm weight. This paper is well suited to photographic images and fine art reproductions. It’s clean and smooth surface make it great for reproducing high resolution details. Our panoramic and square Fine Art Cards are printed using this paper. This is an economical paper. Use it for limited edition posters or high quality proofs.

Fine Art Natural – 230 gsm

This is another heavyweight matte paper with a clean surface. It features a 230gsm weight and a natural white colour.  Use this stock to match the paper used in our Fine Art Natural Cards or choose this paper laminated and mounted on our natural float mount products.

Fine Art Smooth – 300 gsm

Bright white luxuriously smooth matte fine art paper made from 100% cotton.
This stock has an incredible dmax and colour gamut and is ideal for high resolution photographs and art reproductions. For those who demand the finest quality matte papers for their images.

Elegance Velvet – 310 gsm

Velvet is an extra heavy paper with a subtle texture and a vellum surface. Velvet will add dimension to your art reproductions, digital paintings and creative photography. Velvet is a 100% cotton rag paper capable of reproducing a very large gamut of colours. This paper has a boutique paper mill feel to it. Enjoy it printed bare or mount it laminated on our Elegance Velvet float mounts.

Fine Art Watercolour – 250 gsm

Another great Canon paper. This stock is smooth but has a luxurious texture. You really have to touch this stock to appreciate it. It has a letterpress feel to it. Your images will absolutely stand out when printed on this paper. Use this paper for your fine art reproductions or limited edition large format posters.

We’ve indicated the weight of theses papers with their gsm or grams per square metre. For comparison, a typical office paper usually weighs between 75 – 90 gsm.

All of our papers are colour calibrated using our x-rite eye one pro. We don’t rely on manufacturer colour profiles. We personally create all our own colour profiles regularly to ensure the most accurate colour reproduction.

All fine art prints are treated with a UV resistant sealant to protect your printed images. Fine Art Natural and Elegance Velvet are compatible with our laminate as well.

Custom packaging and artist branding are also available to help you sell your art. Contact us to discuss your options.

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