Get the biggest impact from your photography and art reproductions

All canvas prints are created on our Canon 12 colour large format printer. We custom profile every roll with our x-rite i1pro. Our profiles are created after lamination to ensure the closest possible colour reproduction. We use a unique profile for glossy, matte and semi-gloss finishes.

We print, laminate and frame your images in house so custom sizes, alternative packaging and studio branding are all available. For the best quality materials, consistent colour, most personalized and friendliest service, send your images to SPITTING IMAGES.

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Care instructions and Guarantee for canvas prints.

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The media is the message

When printing your photos, it's important to consider the material it will be viewed on. Clean, modern portrait photography lends itself to a smooth, gessoed canvas; while fine art reproductions demand a heavy, course canvas texture.

We can send you samples of our canvas for you to get a feel for the materials. Contact us today to discuss your images and what material might be right for you

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finishing and framing

Learn more about our stretchers, laminates and finishing options available on all canvas prints.

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