Online Photoshop Course – Background Replacements

Online Photography Course - Background Replacements

Are pesky dull backgrounds taking away from your photos? Ever wish you could just click a button with Photoshop and have that unsightly background removed and a beautiful perfect background just dropped in? Our own Kevin Foster is teaming up with online photography course provider, Learn To Take Photos to teach you how to do just that!

It will take more than a single click, but this full month, 4 lesson course will teach you various techniques and skills you can use to remove and change backgrounds, master layers and masks and will go over a whole range of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements tools.

Create a collage with layers and masks

There are many reasons why a photographer would want to change or replace the background of an image. It could be that the original background is distracting from the subject of the photo. It could be that the photographer simply wants to isolate the subject on it’s own or create a collage of individually isolated images. Whatever the motivation is to separate the subject from it’s background, learning to use Photoshop to achieve this is great skill to have as it allows for many creative possibilities.

Click here to learn more and to enroll with Learn To Take Photos. The course runs January 29 and registration is open now!

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