HTC One Camera Review: PART 2 – THE PRINT

HTC ONE Camera Review Part 2 Header

I consider myself an expert on digital images from the perspective of using them for print. At Spitting Images, we have a wide range of customers, from professional photographers to enthusiasts, to smartphone shutterbugs.

Our job is to take the photos our customers love and turn them into pieces of art.

Our specialty is in printing photos to canvas, and most of the time, this means we’re going large format.

Not every camera is built with printing large format in mind. The resolution and quality of the sensor are not always ideal for such large prints. So quite often we need to apply some degree of creative enhancements to the images so they appear sharp and worthy of adorning the wall of your home.

Although the captured images of the HTC One camera are quite clear, sharp and full of good colour, it’s equipped with a relatively small sensor. 4MP images might be quite small to enlarge very much when printed. But megapixels are just part of the print-quality equation. The quality of the lens, the sharpness of the image and the amount of light captured are arguably more important than the sheer number of pixels captured.


For the print test, I chose to use a panoramic image captured by the HTC One. This not only showcases the capabilities of the camera, it also cleverly shows what Spitting Images is capable of producing from a wide variety of camera sources.

HTC One Panoramic Image

From the camera, the file came in at 5798 x 1088 pixels and a 5.5MB file in size, so there’s quite a bit of JPG compression happening. Some of the details were not coming in tack sharp, so there was some work I wanted to do before printing. I applied modest sharpening and some colour enhancements. The sharpening accentuates the minor pixelation and JPG compression noise that was occurring in the image. To compensate for this, I applied a subtle film grain texture over the entire image, which made the image look quite pleasant overall.

HTC One Photo Detail

We decided to print this image 46″ x 8″ on museum grade canvas. I added a black border to the image which will wrap around a 3/4″ stretcher frame. I like to see waterscape images with a glossy finish. Our glossy coating gives the print a wet look that shimmers in certain light. It’s a very luxurious look which also provides UV protection to the image. The combination of ink and finish guarantee the colour will last a lifetime.

Canvas Print Stretcher Frame


Overall, I’m extremely happy with the finished piece. You wouldn’t believe the image in this print came from a cell phone camera.

If you had any doubts about the capability of the HTC One camera, I hope this article proves that the claims made by HTC about this camera are not exaggerated.

This print is available for viewing in our Canvas Studio and is for sale – it’s a limited edition of ONE. Once it’s sold, it won’t be reproduced. A custom canvas this size is priced at $109, which is the retail price of a canvas print on our website store or in the studio. (Shipping and taxes not included.) Again, once this limited edition print is sold, there won’t be any more made. In fact, the original image will be permanently deleted. (UPDATE: It appears we have a buyer and the listing has been pulled.)

HTC One Canvas Print

If you have photographs of your own you want printed to canvas, it’s a painless process. Simply upload your image and select your options. Within days, your print will be delivered to your door. If you’re in the Kawartha Lakes area, stop by our studio in downtown Bobcaygeon.

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