Heartbleed Update

Heartbleed and Spitting Images

On April 7, 2014, information was released about a vulnerability, CVE-2014-0160, known as Heartbleed, that affected OpenSSL, a library used for encrypting internet traffic.

what does this mean?

Technically, the full explanation of the issue can be found here. Basically, it is a vulnerability discovered in the way that secure information is accessed in secure websites. The bug allows for unauthorized access to the secure information, such as personal information and passwords.

Does this vulnerability affect Spitting Images?

There was a short period of time after the vulnerability was announced that the servers used to host our website were technically vulnerable to unauthorized access. Shortly after, our hosting company upgraded their SSL, applied patches to affected systems and re-issued SSL Certificates for all affected systems.


Spitting Images only collects personal contact information. Personal financial information is never in our possession and our payment gateway provider has stated that they were NOT affected by the Heartbleed bug.

Ok, so what now?

We suggest that if you have an account with Spitting Images you should update your password. If you use the same password with Spitting Images as you do with other websites, we suggest changing those passwords as well.

 I love the heartbleed logo. Can I get that printed on to canvas?

YES! The Heartbleed Logo is free to use with all usage rights waived. Get in touch, and we’ll print the logo for you any size you like on canvas, photo paper or fine art paper. Need a custom design showing your business is Heartbleed-Proof? Please contact us.

Heartbleed Logo on Canvas



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