Download Free Stock Images from Kozzi

Free Stock Images from Kozzi

Kozzi’s format has changed slightly. There are now many premium images that come up in searches. Many times, there’s more premium images than free ones, but there is still a good selection of quality free stock images to choose from. There’s also a new feature for artists and photographers to join and submit their own artwork for sale. If you’re interested in becoming a contributor, just create a free member account, and start uploading. The image library continues to grow and the quality appears to be getting better every day.

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As a Graphic Designer, I often find myself needing to use stock images and illustrations to complete my designs. Going to iStock is always an attractive option – they have a huge library of quality images and their pricing is reasonable. Sometimes, however, either there isn’t an image that’s quite right, or it may be quicker and cheaper to create the artwork yourself. I recently came across a stock image website that might help fill the gap.

takes a different approach. Anyone can sign up for a free account. When I did, the free account allows 1 free download of any image resolution per day. This didn’t include vector graphics though. After only using the site for a couple of days, Kozzi sent me an email stating that all free accounts would be given access to unlimited downloads of all content – photos, vectors and videos. Keep in mind that the free account is only for personal use. Any commercial use of the content would require a paid membership.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t floored by their selection of images. But, the library is expanding and all the content is exclusive to Kozzi – they wont appear on other stock sites. Kozzi is the first advertiser supported stock website, meaning their prices are very reasonable. A business (commercial licence) is $4.95/month and $24.95/month for extended licenses. Get all the details on their website.

If you’re a designer that wants access to some fresh exclusive stock or just looking to spruce up some documents or your desktop wallpaper, it’s worth checking out. Go to

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