Dereham Forge Stamp Works: 1983 – 2014

Dereham Forge Stamp Works Retires after 3 Decades

After more than 3 decades, Dereham Forge Stamp Works in downtown Tillsonburg, Ontario is closing it’s doors. The closure is officially the retirement of partners in life and business, Grant and Ruthanne Foster. We would personally like to congratulate them on their well deserved retirement.

Notice of Retirement

Dereham Forge Stamp Works was founded in 1983 and mainly focused on custom made rubber stamps. Soon, the business grew to include awards & recognition products, marking products, promotional items and more. Their early success worried competitors enough to turn them into prosperous partnerships. Grant even invented a stamp pad system that used multiple colours in the same pad – a system that to this day hasn’t been successfully replicated.

The family business sustained the Foster family through good times and hard times and helped put 2 of their children through post-secondary education. They ran the business in their unique ways and found success on their own terms. It allowed for time off when it was needed, but the pair never felt like they were off the clock. So with no lack of enthusiasm, we are proud of what they’ve been able to accomplish.

Although this may well be the first and only blog written about Dereham Forge Stamp Works, their marks will continue to be seen in and around the town of Tillsonburg. The doors of the Town Centre Mall inviting visitors to PUSH when they’ve just PULLED, the promotional pens of the Lakeshore Shopper, signage on the presses and machinery of just about every factory that ever operated in town. Countless office stamps, name tags, plaque inscriptions and address labels were all produced, manufactured and sold at Dereham Forge.

When asked who in Tillsonburg will be able to fill the void left by their departure, Grant laughs, and replies with his usual wit: “It’s entirely possible that we don’t give two shits”.


Enjoy your retirement Mom and Dad. I can’t imagine anyone who deserves it more.


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