While some printers try to compete solely on price, we go beyond the bottom line when it comes to value. We could cut corners on quality and workmanship in favor of better profits, but we believe that your best photos deserve the best printing and materials available.

The 4 Elements of Print – Ink, Paper, Operator & Gear

We’ve boiled it down to 4 essential elements that go into a quality print job.


Laying down colour is essential to a quality printed piece, but there’s a lot involved in getting the right colours to match what’s in your image. Spitting Images uses Canon 12-Colour Lucia ink to print on canvas, fine art paper and photo enlargements. Colour is calibrated using xRite i1 Pro Spectrophotometer. This device is used to match the colours on our Apple Displays to the Canon Printer and every different canvas and paper we stock. Every roll is calibrated to ensure that the colours in your image are a perfect match to what you see printed.

Talk to our Image Techs and take advantage of a free Digital Tune Up to help make your images really stand out.


You can tweak colour as much as you want, but at the end of the day, if the paper you’re running isn’t the best, the quality of your print will be affected. Spitting Images uses Canadian-Made canvas which is available in 3 weaves: Artisan, Treble and Argyle. Each have their own individual characteristics, but what they do have in common is that they’re all capable of reproducing a huge range of colours and high DMAX – A stark black point and high contrast, qualities that all canvas would like to have.

Additionally we run a wide range of Canon fine art papers and photo papers along with a few boutique brands we’ve really fallen for. Pre-Order our new paper swatch book to get your hands on all our stock.


Spitting Images is a small team of printing professionals who have been in the industry for over 15 years. We believe photographers and artists should focus their talents on producing and capturing beautiful images. Its our job to reproduce your work faithfully with skills gained from years of printing experience.


All other things equal, the equipment used by a professional will set them apart from the competition. Spitting Images uses 44″ wide 12 Colour Canon professional photo printers for all canvas prints, fine art prints, photo enlargements and fine art cards. We use a colour calibrated Apple Mac based workflow with the latest versions of Adobe Creative Cloud for image editing. We use dedicated software for collages, mosaics, illustration, desktop publishing and digital video productions.

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