Childrens Art Printed on Canvas

Childrens artwork printed on canvas

One of the great things about making canvas prints and shipping them all over Canada is that we have some REALLY BIG shipping boxes. When the kids need a large area to vent their creativity and get messy with paint, we can provide the cardboard canvas they need! We had an extra large painting that the kids made and for a while, the painting hung over our bed. Over time, the cardboard started to curl and the colours in the kid-safe paint they used began to fade. We weren’t ready to part with the piece though, so we had it professionally photographed in the studio. The colours were restored using Photoshop CS6 and we printed it on a 36″ x 30″ stretched canvas print. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

If your little artist has created a masterpiece that you want to preserve, consider having it printed on canvas.

Here’s some tips to help you capture the artwork.

Scanner Tips

If the piece is small enough and you have a scanner, just throw it on the scanner. What settings you choose will determine how big you can print. If you want to print it actual size, then select 300 pixels per inch (PPI) in the quality settings. If you want it twice as large, double the scanning resolution, and so on. This might make for some pretty large files. Save as JPEG to compress the file. If you need to send us images over 20MB in size, use our big file uploader here.

If it’s just a little too large for the scanner, you can scan it in pieces – I don’t mean for you to cut up the original artwork. Just scan one part of the image, then move the original on the scanner until you’ve captured the whole image. Don’t worry about trying to piece them together – we’ll handle that for you. Just send us all the separate files that you scanned.

Camera Tips

If the artwork doesn’t fit on a scanner easily, just about any modern digital camera will do a decent job in the right lighting. Placing the artwork near a window in bright overcast light will give you great results. Use an easel if you have one – and a tripod for the camera if one is available.

In your cameras settings, choose the proper light or white balance settings to make sure the colours are accurate. Try the flash as well. Try a few different shots with different settings until you find something that makes the artwork look the best.

Once you snap a picture, use the preview mode on your camera and zoom in on the image. If the details are sharp and you’re happy with the colours, you’re good to go.

Have the artwork professionally photographed

When quality is a major concern, consider bringing the artwork in to our Studio to have it professionally photographed. We employ Kelly at KMH Studios in Bobcaygeon to shoot artwork for us. She always does a great job. We’ll take care of capturing your artwork and some colour correcting for you. There is currently a $35 fee which goes directly to the photographer.

Once we have a good capture of the image, we can print the artwork on canvas or a selection of fine art papers. Take a look at the options we currently offer on the site or come by the studio to see us in person.

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