Canvas Print Idea of the Day – Grammas Secret Recipe

Canvas Print Idea of the Day - Grammas Secret Recipe

An old family recipe book might have some tasty visuals for vintage inspired kitchen decorations.

A customer of ours came in late last year with a great idea for a canvas print. She had an old family recipe that was passed down through the generations which was hand written and remained in the kitchens over the decades.

The pages were carefully scanned, while all the spots and stains from countless uses remained fully intact. We tastefully prepared matching sides to the design. The print now hangs in the kitchens of her family’s homes.

If you have a family recipe that you want to have made into a canvas print, please contact us. If you make the Banana Cake or Rolled Oatmeal Cookies, you’ll owe it to me to bring in a batch. These recipes on the image above was passed down to my Mother. Let me know if you like them as much as I do.

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