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When printing your photos, it’s important to consider the material it will be viewed on. Clean, modern portraight photography lends itself to a smooth, gessoed canvas; while fine art reproductions demand a heavy, course canvas texture.

Choosing the right canvas

Spitting Images carries a range of canvas to suit your images. See the descriptions below to get an idea of what each material might be better suited to. If you still can’t decide, contact us for a sample of each of our current canvases. All canvas materials we currently use are made in Canada.


Artisan is our standard canvas. If no preference is made, we print your images on this heavy, poly-cotton blend.

Artisan is a good all-purpose canvas. Details are not lost on this material – Artisan has a bright, silky smooth finish with a distinct yet subtle texture.

Colour reproduction is exceptional. The brightness of this material makes your colours really punch and keeps your blacks crisp. There are no OBA’s in this canvas, meaning your images won’t yellow over time.

Both gloss and matte lamination look excellent on this canvas. The texture is still visible after lamination.



Treble is a thick, triple gesso coated canvas.

This is a 100% cotton canvas.

Treble is an excellent choice for high quality portrait and wedding photography. Details are clearly visible even up close.

The brightness of the coating allows for a very wide colour gamut., high contrast and excellent colour saturation.

Lamination gives this Treble a very deep and luxurious finish. Gloss laminate is recommended, but matte performs good as well. The lamination give this canvas a leather-like feel.



Argyle is a non gesso coated, 100% bleached cotton canvas.

This canvas is probably best suited for art reproductions and nature photography.  The heavy coarse texture is rough to the touch.  It has the appearance of an artists’ canvas.

Lamination has little visual effect on this canvas – the texture of the material soaks it up. For this reason, matte is probably a better choice as you will have the protection of the laminate, while maintaining the uncoated appeal of the material.


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