Buckhorn Fine Art Festival 2013

Buckhorn Fine Art Festival 2013

If you’re looking to take in an incredible art experience this weekend, you need to make your way to the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival. In it’s 36th year, Buckhorn Fine Art Festival is welcoming 20 new artists to the over 80 exhibitors in the festival. Held at the Buckhorn Community Centre, the event goes all weekend starting with the Preview Night and Garden Party on Friday and ends with an awards presentation Sunday afternoon.

We have our tickets!

We already have our tickets for the Preview Night Garden Party. These tickets will also get you free admission for the rest of the weekend. We’re looking forward to seeing festival newcomer Brenda Stonehouse, painter John Kowarski and Alena Vyborna who paints on silk. We’re also excited to discover some new favorite artists.

Notably missing from this year’s show is Fred Thornhill. Although you won’t see his work there this year, Fred has a permanent collection of images on display and for sale in Spitting Images Canvas Studio.

For all the info on the show, times and ticket information, visit the official website for details.

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